Permanent Eyebrows

This client came in for permanent eyeliner. This is immediately after. Her brows were done a few years ago.

Many people ask about the longevity of permanent makeup. It varies for each person. These eyebrows were originally done 4 years ago. The following picture is immediately after a refresh and a request for a bolder brow. They will soften over the 10 days of healing.

If you have loss of eyebrow hair due to thinning hair, alopecia, medication, thyroid or cancer treatment, permanent eyebrows are the perfect solution. They are also ideal for:

• Those with busy schedules
• Athletes
• Anyone with poor vision
• Anyone with shaky hands
• Anyone with over-tweezed eyebrows
• Anyone who desires to always look their best!

With over 40 years of experience, Marti provides natural and realistic results with permanent makeup for your eyebrows. If you regularly use an eyebrow pencil to enhance your facial features, I recommend that you look into permanent eyebrows. They can save you time, money, and increase your self-confidence.

The procedure will take between 2 and 3 hours and includes a follow up appointment to determine if your eyebrows need further enhancement.

I always ensure that my clients remain as comfortable as possible throughout their procedure by using a topical anesthetic. Most clients are surprised at the minimal discomfort they experience. In just a few short hours, you will have permanent, natural looking eyebrows that you will never need to draw in again. I recommend touch-ups once every two to three years to enhance the vibrancy of your brows.

Call me today to find out if permanent eyebrows are right for you!

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